Rabbit Resource Guide


 Host a Clicker Bunny Seminar
Contact Andrea Bratt or Teresa Lewin or Jean Silva if you would like to have an experienced rabbit trainer visit your facility for a seminar or consultation.

House Rabbit Society
The ultimate resource on rabbit care. Lots of information about housing, health, litter box training and nutrition of rabbits and links to other useful sites.

Lists of Rabbit References


Best Rabbit Sites Directory - a list of rabbit-related sites organized by category

The Language of Lagomorphs
A fascinating Web site that gives lots of insight into rabbit body language.

Bedding and liver disease
Important information for rabbit and small pet owners about many types of bedding and litter and the dangers of pine and cedar shavings.

Bunnies Urgently Needing Shelter (B.U.N.S.)
Rescue organization for bunnies and small pets. Includes lots of information on care.

Rabbit Welfare Association of the UK
Promoting rabbit welfare in the UK. Subscribe to Rabbiting On magazine.

British Bunnies

UK's interactive website for rabbit lovers

Rabbit Supplies

Small Pet Select - premium hay to keep your bunny happy and healthy, toys, chews, bedding and training information. Get all you need for your bunny here.

Binky Bunny - books, training information, toys, bedding, rabbit-lover community with message boards: everything you could ever need for your rabbit - and a live bunny cam!

Bunspace - rabbit supplies and resources, rabbit-loving community with message boards and contests

West Coast Rabbit Supply - Housing, toys, bedding, food and more - top quality at lowest prices

Leith Petwerks - Housing and care supplies for rabbits and other small pets

Rabbitstop.com - One stop shop for all rabbit needs

Bunny Bunch Boutique - House rabbit care specialists since 1984

RabbitCentral.com - On-line source for all rabbit supplies

The Rabbit Shop - Rabbit-themed gifts for people - proceeds to rabbit rescue

Cats and Rabbits and More - Southern California source for rabbit and other small pet rescue, care and adoption information

Bunny Bytes - Our mission at Bunny Bytes is to improve the health and well-being of house rabbits by offering high quality, environmentally-friendly and innovative products

Busy Bunny - Edible toy treats for rabbits and fun stuff for people since 1987

For Other Living Things - Products that are critter friendly, people friendly and earth friendly

Bunnyrabbit.com - Large selection of rabbit supplies and gifts

24 Carrot Lane - Home of Bunny's Magic Dream Cottage

House Rabbit Resource Network Bun Shop - Book list, cages and emergency kits

Rabbit Welfare Association of the UK Shop - Books, rabbit toys, rabbit-themed gifts

Rabbit Hopping


http://www.kaninhop.dk/uk/ - Danish site with English


Rabbit hopping Yahoo group - talk to others about rabbit agility and rabbit hopping


Kanin Hinder - photos of jumps with some instructions (click on links that say "hinder")


US Kaninhop - rules, jumps and info about rabbit hopping and rabbit agility