Clicker Training Other Critters

Any type of small pet can be trained using clicker training. In order to train your pet it is important to understand its needs and characteristics, know what are suitable training treats and to be able to read its body language so as to know whether it is enjoying the training.

Click here for a list of resources that will help provide basic information about various different types of small pets. Please let us know if there are resources not listed that should be.

Clicker Critter Articles

Clicker Training for Small Pets - by Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin

How to choose the right things to teach based on a pet's abilities, how to set up for success and teach basic behaviors that all pets can learn. (published in Pets magazine, Sept 2005)

Clicker Training Your Ferret - by Joan Orr and Teresa Lewin

An introduction to clicker training and considerations when working with ferrets. (published in Ferrets magazine, May 2006)

Clicker Critter Videos

Visit our video page to see clicker videos featuring rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and ferrets.

Purchase short dog training clicker videos on-line from KPCT Clickertraining that illustrate the basic techniques of clicker training to help you get started for only $5 US each.

Presentation by Joan Orr to International Ferret Symposium (Jun 2007)

Download presentation notes from a presentation on the basics of clicker training ferrets and other small pets. Thanks to the Katrina Anjo and the Ferret Aid Society for many of the ferret photos.

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Did you know that the black-footed ferret, indigenous to the North America prairies has been rescued from the brink of extinction, but still remains on the endangered species list? You can help with conservation efforts and even adopt a black footed ferret and follow its progress through the captive breeding program. Visit the website of Prairie Wildlife Research, a non-profit organization founded by Travis Livieri to find out more about reintroduction efforts and to find out how you can help.

Doggone Crazy! will donate $5 from the retail sale of the Clicker Puppy DVD to Prairie Wildlife Research to help support its work with black footed ferrets. This offer is good for web and phone orders directly from Doggone Crazy! With on-line orders, enter the word 'ferret' in the additional information box, with phone orders mention the black footed ferret when ordering. Click here for ordering information.

Photo from Prairie Wildlife Research a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and research of prairie wildlife species and their habitats