Clicker Bunny and Critter News

Mar 9, 2009: No Easter Bunnies Press Release

Many people give adorable baby bunnies as pets at Easter. In a few weeks the babies grow up, the children lose interest and the rabbits are evicted to fend for themselves or end up in shelters. Thousands of rabbits are waiting in shelters for loving homes. Some of these rabbits have become Super Bunnies and their entertaining show can be found at and on YouTube. This Easter, give a plush or chocolate bunny as a gift and then visit local shelters as a family to find the perfect bunny for a pet. Download the press release. Edit and add your own contact information if you wish.

June 6, 2006: Clicking for Carrots and Love

On Saturday Rachel Harper couldn't get within three feet of any of the feral bunnies at the Best Friends rabbit rescue ranch. On Sunday, she had two of them eating out of her hand and another one begging on hind legs. She and her mom, Wendy, spent the weekend at the Reno ranch learning how to use clicker training to communicate and shape behavior of feral bunnies. More

May 1, 2006: Bunny clicker training classes at Rabbit Ranch

Can your bunnies learn to do tricks? The rabbits in Reno will! Santa Barbara-based rabbit rescue group, BUNS, is sending 2 volunteers to the Best Friends Rabbit Ranch to, yes, teach us how to clicker train the rabbits. More